Are you ready for the High Holidays?

From Overworked to Overjoyed! How to Plan, Strategize, and Enjoy the High Holidays to the Fullest!

Are your in-laws coming? Dreading the long hours in shul? Wondering if this year is going to be different? Get the answers you NEED in our upcoming teleclass, the very FIRST of it's kind!

Announcing for the VERY First Time! and come together in a Pre-High Holiday Teleclass designed for You and Your Family’s Success! In 1 Hour, we’re going to give you our BEST tried and true strategies that we use in our own home for Success with our planning, our marriage, our kids and all of our relationships. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to have your PERSONAL pre-submitted questions answered on the call.

Imagine how helpful it will be to be able to learn:

  • How to Diffuse Arguments that may arise from Extended Family
  • How to create a Team approach with your Spouse so you feel 100% supported at all times
  • Strategies for Child Behavior Success despite the lack of structure and change in schedule over the Holidays
  • How to make sure this Year is EVEN BETTER than last Year!
  • Organizing Tips for a Smooth Erev Yom Tov
  • …and How to make sure YOUR needs are met so you can ENJOY a wonderful sense of well-being during this start of the New Year and throughout the entire year!

We can’t wait to share this information with you! See you on the call!

Warmest Regards,
Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

P.S. Be Sure to Stay on the Call until the very end as there will be a Special One Time Bonus available to you 🙂